Access City Award

The Access City Award is the European prize that recognises the accessibility of cities for persons with disabilities and elderly people.  The city of Lyon (FR) was awarded first prize in 2018 for its dedication to ensuring that the city can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

The latest edition of the brochure produced by DG EMPL puts Lyon in the spotlight and shows good practices from the cities of Ljubljana (SL), Luxembourg (LU), and Viborg (DK). The brochure is available in all EU languages in web and printed form.

By 2020, 120 million European citizens will have disabilities principally as the population is becoming older. Additionally, European societies are now mostly urban, with four out of five EU citizens living in towns and cities. The European Union promotes equality of opportunity and accessibility for persons with disabilities. A fundamental part of its strategy involves working towards a barrier-free Europe. 

The Access City Award is an award recognising cities that have worked to become more accessible for their citizens. It is an EU initiative that

·         recognises efforts by cities to become more accessible

·         promotes equal access to urban life for people with disabilities

·         allows local authorities to promote and share their best practices.

The printed brochures are available in all EU languages (but GA) to be distributed at local and national events in order to promote broadly accessibility and to encourage cities across the EU to take part in this unique and aspirational award.

You can order copies in your language by filling in this online form by 18 September 2018.



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