EVS volunteers opportunities

I am Balaram, working at CESIE Youth Unit.

CESIE was founded in 2001 in Palermo, based on experiences of our inspirer: sociologist Danilo Dolci.

We work in promotion of community development through capacity building and empowerment of individuals through educational initiatives for various target groups with particular focus on vulnerable groups.

With our youth unit, we promote mobility opportunities for young people and youth workers and helping them grow as professionals and as people. we host and send evs volunteers within and outside of Europe.

CESIE is urgently looking for 2 volunteers to in involve in the EVS project “NO ONE IS OUT”,

February 2019 – December 2019  (10 months)

May 2019- June 2019 (2 months)



Main topics of the projects;

•  Integration of disadvantaged people

•  Deconstruction of racial stereotypes

•  Intercultural Dialogue



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