Road Trip Project, Atlantic Road starting on 19 Portugal!

Saturday 19 May

  • Arrival of the travellers in Lisbon
  • Getting familiar with the Van/the crew

(Overnight in Lisbon)

Sunday 20 May

Cabo da Roca, Westernmost Point on the European Continent

Great explorers

  • Arrival by sea. On the shore: welcome by Joaquim Alves Gaspar, researcher and former officer of the Portuguese Navy
  • Opening sequence and inspirational talk (viewpoint, lighthouse)
  • Stories of navigators and cartographers
  • First considerations about the Atlantic route
  • Re-discovering the “Old Continent”, looking at the map Cabo da Roca to Rotterdam
  • Expectations, shared impressions
  • Fabian: home is (just) over the ocean! (calling his folks and waving at them)
  • Yldau: the route’s destination is home! (calling home – see you in Rotterdam on June 16)

Activity around Lisbon + editing of first 60” Cabo da roca

Monday 21 May


Mapping Portugal’s future

  • Time machine: the Pedro Nunes Institute, named after a cartographer who made major advances in sea navigation during the age of discovery, is an innovation and incubation laboratory at the Coimbra university, one of the oldest academic institution in Europe
  • Encounter with with Regioneer (start-up entrepreneur, possibly with a connection to marine applications)

N.B: 21 May = Pentecost Monday (check opening and availabilities)

Tuesday 22 May

Viana do Castelo

On “the camino”

  • Portuguese Way of the Coast
  • Ten municipalities of the North Coast of Portugal joined forces and got EU support to promote the Portuguese coastal Way of the pilgrimage way of Saint James (so that it can be labelled «European Cultural Itinerary »)
  • Walk on the path with Regioneer

Wednesday 23 May

Porto area

An ocean of opportunities for the Porto area

  • Leixoes Porto Cruise Terminal: a very important infrastructure for region Norte, especially for tourism. A unique architecture and a great impact in the city landscape.
  • Visit a cruise ships (if possible to spend a moment aboard?)

Thursday 24 May

Cross border: Chaves – Verin

One city, two countries





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