Aiding single parent households

Our Centre, CIED Pau Pays de l'Adour, and its hosting association as well, works in collaboration with "L'Association des Usagers à la Pépinière", a non-governmental organization, recognized for its public service, which works on topics related to youth, activities with seniors and various forms of parental aid. 

For more than 25 years, La Pépinière has developed a real expertise addressing the specific needs expressed by families in order to continue to provide vital services in the community. In particular, they have led specific projects providing various forms of social care for single mothers and women at the head of the family, who live with minimum social benefits.


In order to further develop their field experience, La Pépinière is looking for potential European partners, structures working on these specific issue (social and professional integration of single parent families) to implement a project (Erasmus+ KA2 for exemple)that would allow them to find/experiment new initiatives that might properly face issues related to single parenthood.


To achieve this mission, it would be particularly interesting if different profiles could participate (such as researchers, social workers, managers of associations, single-parent families etc...).

For further information and contacts


Vice-Director "L'Association des Usagers à la Pépinière"

0033 (0)5 59927205


We remain at your disposal for further information. 

Feel free to contact us if any kind of mediation between your local partners and La Pépinière would be necessary.



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