Europejski Dom Spotkań – Fundacja Nowy Staw/European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation

Our mission is to work for civil society and solidarity between nations.

European Meeting Centre- Nowy Staw Foundation was established in 1993. We do support all social initiatives that aim at building civil society, cooperation and solidarity between nations. We support the labour market participants with the special concern of the most vulnerable ones. And we promote and enhance the entrepreneurship and innovation, mainly of the young generation. We also support the processes of democratic change in Eastern countries as well as Poland's mature membership in the European Union.

In all our activities we keep Christian values. Through education of all generations, we intend to strengthen the idea of democracy, self-government, social market economy, solidarity between nations and cultures of the agreement beyond all borders.

Main aims of the Foundation:

  • Promotion of citizenship attitudes
  • Support Eastern European countries in their efforts towards democracy and building civil society
  • Mobilization of citizens, especially the young generation to social activity and to taking responsibility for their own communities
  • Substantive and organizational support to institutions working for the local labor market, activation of the unemployed, particularly in rural areas
  • Promotion of the idea of a society based on knowledge, using modern tools and multimedia techniques
  • Work for a conscious and active membership of Poland in the European Union

We invite all who identify with the objectives of the Foundation to cooperate with us. During our daily activities we implement many projects and actions both national and international, which leads us to fulfill our aims.

In these activities we are constantly looking for people and organizations, both country and Europe wide, which can accompany us in our activities and make them be more effectively.

If you would be interested in being our partner in any kind of activity, please just let us know.

Contact person:

Monika Drąg

Tel. +48 81 534 61 91


Our most interested international Projects:

  1. Economic Forum of Young Leaders.

Each year Foundation organize a big event in Nowy Sącz.

Last year it took place for the 12th time.

From 4th till 8th of September 2017 almost 350  young leaders from all over the Europe met in Poland to debate about the European's future and the future of the young generation. The purpose of Economic Forum of Young Leaders is to create an international think tank consisting of representatives of European future elites who act at a local level in their own countries as well as initiate joint projects that allow to build the better tomorrow.

Our participants are leaders of non-governmental institutions, representatives of youth political parties, employers' associations, young research scientists, journalists and entrepreneurs.


Last year's Forum agenda includes the following topics:

·         leadership and challenges for the modern leader

·         Europe startup - vision and ideas to reform the European Union

·         innovation, startups, business management

·         solidarity, volunteering and social entrepreneurship

·         education and the labour market

·         meetings and workshops with business practitioners

Erasmus+ projects:

  1. Young people at the labour market

Main aims of the project

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Raising the level of social and interpersonal of young people from Poland, Malta, Slovakia and Italy, and preparing them to enter the labor market;
  • Develop a training program and materials for social skills training, which may be used in organizations, in schools, universities, and youth organizations;
  • Increasing the competence of people working with young people, in the field of preparation of young people in Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia and Italy to enter the labor market, equipping them with tools to assist;
  • Promotion of active citizenship, student and professional (internships, practice) as the natural environment to acquire social skills needed in the labor market.



Main activities

Main activities of the project include:

  • Diagnose of level of skills and competences possessed by young people at schools and universities, as well as gaining information about which competences employers expect from their future employees
  • Best practice sharing and exchange of information and expertise of all stakeholders involved in the project
  • Development of didactic materials - lesson's and workshops scenarios, which will be adapted to the school programmes and NGO programmes (lessons of entrepreneurship, non-formal education workshops, workshops during career days at universities)
  • Development of didactic audiovisual materials - to work with youth in the sphere of development of their social and personal competences and preparing them to the labour market
  • Information broschure - which promotes active citizenship, young's people involvement into students’ and youth organization
  • Staff trainings - trainings for youth workers and teachers at schools in order to adapt developed didactic materials into school and NGO educational programmes
  • Local 1-day testing seminars for youth - testing of didactic materials developed during the project
  • Final conference in Warsaw promoting and disseminating results of the project.


Main results:

  • 10 scenarios (in English, Polish, Slovakian, Italian) which will help to develop 5 main groups of soft skills and competences of young people, identified as most wanted at the labour market
  • 1 brochure (in English, Polish, Slovakian, Italian) encouraging young people to take care of their own career in the future by starting additional activities (like volunteering) and giving them practical instructions how to start such activities


  1. Business Incubator

The project is implemented within the framework of the Erasmus + (Strategic Partnership in the field of vocational education), together with partners from Malta and Estonia. The project aims to encourage entrepreneurial attitudes among young people finishing education in vocational schools and the creation of a coherent, effective model to support young entrepreneurs in their first steps taken in the labor market.

In the course of our joint work, we were able to conduct research of the needs of students in recent years vocational schools about setting up their own business in Poland, Estonia and Malta. We are also finalizing the development of a model incubator of entrepreneurship, based on the results of the research.

Main project activities

1.      Meeting of the partners, preparation of work plan, division of tasks, organization of work under the project

2.      Research on the needs of students in last years of vocational schools in the field of setting up their own business: development of survey research, conducting research and preparation of the research report summarizing of gained results.

3.      Development of  a coherent model for the creation and operation of the Business Incubator for students of vocational schools (in the form of publications containing the know-how of creation and functioning of the incubator with the program and methodology training for people starting their own business).

4.      Training of personnel in the provision of support for young entrepreneurs within the Incubator,

5.      Conferences disseminating the project results in the partner countries

6.      Distribution of project results - the distribution of publications containing the model of Business Incubator in all partner countries.

Main results

Publication containing practical information and instructions about creation and development of business incubator for vocational schools.


Other types of projects implemented by the Foundation:

  • Erasmus+ Youth exchanges (at least 3-4 each year, topics related mainly to shaping democratic attitudes of young people and encouraging them to be involved in the lives f their societies);
  • Polish-Lithuanian Youth Exchange Found.  Mostly youth exchange projects aimed at encouraging young people to make contacts with peers from Lithuania and gain more knowledge about their daily life
  • Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council. Youth exchange projects aimed mostly at breaking stereotypes about  young people from our countries.
  • EZA seminars. Regular seminars for members of EZA
  • Visergad Found. Lately we implemented project where we prepared publication about opinion of young people from V4 countries about most important problems of EU (Brexit, Migration, future of V4 counties, economic development of EU countries). Publication was the result of research conducted in all V4 countries.


Types of projects that we would be interested in:

  • Preparation of tools and solutions which will help young people to gain skills and competences which would help them to enter labour market effectively
  • Preparation of tools and solutions which will help young people to realize that they have influence on their career and can actively shape it, even being at school
  • Preparation of tools and solution which will help young people to realize that afterschool activities are very good way to shape skills and competences needed at the labour market
  • Preparation of tools and solutions which will help young people to realize that it is worth to be active member of their society (show benefits from being volunteers or being involved in afterschool activities)
  • Preparation of tools and solutions which will help young people to get involved in after school activities (show them how and where to look for organizations to cooperate with, to show them what they should be aware of while looking for and starting cooperation etc)
  • Preparation of tools and solutions which will help young people to develop themselves with usage of modern technologies.
  • Preparation of tools and solutions which will help them to be better prepared to start professional life.


Kind regards,

Monika Drąg

International Projects Specialist

European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation


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